At Simply Health our practitioners are dedicated to natural health and wellness

We are a team chiropractors, myotherapists and remedial massage therapists, serving Camberwell and surrounding areas since 2000. Our commitment is to providing you the best possible natural health care in a warm and friendly environment. Using non-invasive, natural techniques and tailor designed treatment plans, we help you achieve your health goals.

Dr. Anthony Coxon


Natural health for your spine and entire body

Chiropractors study for a minimum of 5 years university training and are government regulated health professionals.

Chiropractic is a natural form of health care that focuses on the relationship between the spine and the nervous system and how that relationship affects our health. Using spinal adjustments and other manual and soft tissue techniques, chiropractic corrects misalignments of the joints, improves muscle tone and stimulates nerve activity.

Chiropractic adjustments involve the application of a precise yet gentle force to a section of the spine that needs correction. This has been shown to reduce pain and improve spinal function.

Our team are highly skilled and experienced and use a range of techniques matched to your needs. Firmer adjustments are perfect for some people, while lower force adjustments are better suited to others. Adjustments can be done by hand, using hand-held instruments or with special adjusting tables. We work with spines of all ages from the very young to the very old.

Myotherapy &
Remedial Massage

Myotherapy and remedial massage is the manipulation of soft tissues of the body including, muscles, connective tissues, tendons, ligaments and joints. Massage is a clinically oriented healthcare option that helps alleviate the discomfort associated with every day and occupational stresses, muscular over-use and many chronic pain conditions.

Massage and Myotherapy

Other Services

Family Care

Family Care

Health is the greatest treasure that you and your family can possess. When each member of the family is healthy, we can experience life to the fullest. It can also strengthen the bond between family members as we can enjoy hobbies and everyday activities together.

At Simply Health, our chiropractors and health practitioners are highly experienced in helping treat individuals from different life stages – from pregnant women, children, and the elderly. We can create natural health care programs tailored for you and your family.

Sports Care

Many elite athletes integrate chiropractic care in their health programs to help them achieve peak performance and manage sporting injuries. But you don’t have to be a professional athlete to use chiropractic care.

If you or one of your family members are a sports lover or lives an active lifestyle, you may find that chiropractic can help give you more strength, speed, balance, and increased recovery times. We also use adjunctive therapies like Cold Laser Therapy, E Stim and Rocktape to reduce pain and prevent injuries.  Staged rehabilitation programs help with strengthening your body in preparation for your chosen sport.

Sports Care
Seniors Care

Seniors Care

You want the best out of our body, no matter what your age.  All too often people accept a loss of strength, balance and movement as an inevitable part of aging that can’t be changed.  If you are hampered by pain or not moving as well as you used to, then come in a see how we can help.

Gentle techniques, modified for the mature spine, along with a staged exercise program can go a long way to keeping your body in tune, and giving you the freedom to enjoy your senior years.

Rehabilitation Programs

Strengthening and balancing your body is an essential component of true recovery and staying well. Our rehabilitation programs are individually tailored so you can get the most from your care and feel empowered to take control of your health.

Whether it’s strengthening your glutes, improving your core stability, balancing your posture, or eye exercises to improve brain function, the ultimate goal is for you to be functionally independent.

Dry Needling

Dry Needling

As a treatment, dry needling involves the gentle insertion of filament needles into the painful or knotted part of a muscle: commonly referred to as a myofascial trigger point. The aim of dry needling is to reduce the pain and discomfort associated with these trigger points by promoting muscle relaxation, tissue rejuvenation, and restoring any wider imbalances caused by tight or constricted muscular tissue.

In a dry needling session, each needle is gently inserted into the tense muscle at the trigger point, carefully manipulated to instigate the therapeutic effect, and then removed after a short period. The process may be repeated several times throughout the course of a single session.

Cold Laser Therapy

Cold Laser Therapy (CLT) delivers energy units, in the form of collimated light photons, to damaged tissue cells. Photons absorbed by the cells stimulate mitochondria to increase the production of ATP (the power house chemical giving energy to the cell). This biochemical increase in cell energy helps transform the cells from a state illness to a healthy stable state.

At Simply Health we use a SuperPulsed MR4 as this has greater tissue penetration for more effective healing. Cold laser is completely painless. When combined with TENS you may feel a mild prickling sensation.

Laser Therapy