Free Annual Wellness Check Up

In 2018 we’re excited to announce that all patients will have the opportunity to have an annual Wellness Check Up; and best of all …. it’s FREE!

Anyone committed to getting the best from their health and ageing well, needs to think prevention. Part of this pro-active approach is routine testing, before symptoms take hold and problems set in.

Identifying areas of weakness and risk enables you to target your exercise, nutrition and lifestyle to address issues before they become health concerns.

When is the best time for a Wellness Check Up?

Anytime is a good time for a Check Up. To make it easier though, we suggest you do this during your birthday month. In fact, if you’re over 18 years old and have attended our practice in the last 12 months, we’ll send you an SMS reminder to let you know when you’re due.

What’s involved

The Wellness Check Up will involve: 1) Health and Wellness Questionnaire, 2) Digital posture assessment using Posture Screen and 3) Balance testing using Comprehensive Assessment of Postural Systems (CAPS).

You should allow up to 30 minutes for your Wellness Check Up. There is no treatment provided on this visit. If you’re combining your Wellness Check Up with an adjustment, be sure to mention this when making your booking. The usual fee will apply for your adjustment.

Posture Screen

One of the main postural concerns as you age is forward stooping. This may be the result of poor muscle tone, osteoporosis or genetic factors. The Posture Screen measures this and other postural distortions.

Using this feedback we can design specialised postural corrective exercises to improve muscle tone and posture. Most commonly this involves improving extensor strength in muscles that have been de-conditioned from many years in sedentary posture, such as working at a computer.

Comprehensive Assessment of Postural Systems (CAPS).

Your balance naturally diminishes with age. However, balance often deteriorates much earlier than you think. Poor balance will significantly increase the risk of falls, which may have devastating consequences, especially in an older person.

Our CAPS balance plate technology has been scientifically validated and is suitable for research purposes. It is so sensitive, that it can pick up your heart beat when you stand on it.

The balance protocol involves four tests:

  1. Standing on flat surface with eyes open
  2. Standing on flat surface with eyes closed
  3. Standing on unstable surface with eyes open
  4. Standing on unstable surface with eyes closed

We perform the balance tests with noise cancelling earphones to increase accuracy.

Book in during your birthday month

Be sure to book in for your FREE Wellness Check Up during your birthday month. When you receive your SMS reminder about this, you’ll find there’s also another birthday gift for you …. but let’s keep that a surprise for now!