Ankle Foot

Is ankle or foot pain making movement difficult for you?

Your feet are the foundation of how you move, so experiencing pain around the ankle or foot can greatly limit your mobility and how you enjoy everyday activities. Your feet can also impact your posture, which plays an important part in keeping healthy spinal and bodily functions.

At Simply Health, we offer chiropractic treatment and rehabilitation that may help enable you to move well and feel well.

Ankle Foot

How can chiropractic help in ankle and foot pain?

When people think of chiropractors, they tend to think spine, rather than foot. While it’s true we have an expertise in spinal conditions, our practitioners are also skilled at extremity techniques that can be very helpful with foot problems.

Our chiropractors carefully consider whole body posture, and recognise that getting the foundation of the feet right, is an essential element to proper body balance and mobility.

In many cases, we work closely with podiatrists to ensure the best results. This is particularly important if off the shelf orthotics or custom orthotics (also known as stabilisers) are needed – to ensure these are also appropriate for good spinal health.

In most cases, flexible or semi-flexible orthotics tend to be more suitable than hard shell orthotics.

If you think you need orthotics, please discuss this with us first, so we can advise you on the best course of action.

Ankle Foot

Still unsure how Chiropractic care can help?

We are happy to discuss any questions you have on ankle and foot pain. Book an appointment below to schedule a consultation with one of our chiropractors who may be able to provide you an appropriate treatment plan for your needs. We also invite you to take our Free Spinal Check to understand how your spine may be affecting your health and whether chiropractic is a suitable treatment for your condition.