Make Your Food Better

woman eating saladA few simple changes in your kitchen can lead to some big changes in how you look and feel. Try some of these:

Avocado instead of mayo. Avocado is an easy, delicious and much healthier condiment substitution.

Grill or bake instead of frying. Spare the oil and cleanup by cooking ‘cleaner’ without sacrificing taste.

Don’t buy it. Leave the simple carbs and sugary, processed foods at the supermarket so they don’t tempt you in your cupboard.

Season for taste. Try garlic and different spices to season your food. When adding salt, use natural sea salts.

Use smaller plates. You’ll eat less and feel more satisfied.

Eat as early as possible. Give yourself more time to burn off and digest your dinner before heading to bed.

A little effort may produce big results. You can do it! And remember we have many more health and wellness tips. Just ask!