Spinal Health Week

Spinal Health Week 2017

Spinal Health Week is the last week of May. This year’s campaign focuses on chronic back pain, a burden that affects 3.7 million Australians. Chiropractors nationwide are encouraging you seek help for your chronic back pain.

Chronic back pain is a condition that affects one in six Australians. The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW) defines chronic back pain as a long-term condition. General back pain is usually resolved within a few weeks or months, but back pain that lasts for three months or longer is described as ‘chronic’.

While the burden of low back pain is ranked sixth in the world, it is ranked first in Australia.

People with chronic pain often often find it hard to undertake normal daily activities and this can affect general outlook on life. Chronic pain can create a perception of harmfulness, which may lead to reduced physical activity and a sense of disability or helplessness.

Also, chronic pain can be associated with insomnia, which research has shown to exacerbate pain and impact quality of life.

What Causes Chronic Back Pain?

Patients are often frustrated to know that it is not always possible to identify the cause of chronic back pain. People who lead inactive lives and have poor posture are more at risk of ‘de-conditioning’ of the deep spinal muscles, commonly seen with chronic back pain.

The Emotional Affects

Depression and anxiety are invariably a component of chronic back pain. While addressing the physical aspects of the pain are essential, a focus on building emotional resilience is also very important.

Research has shown chronic back pain can lead to atrophy of certain parts of the brain. Therefore mindfulness and deep relaxation techniques can be very helpful.

Utilising strategies such as minimising fear avoidance, chunking physical activity and recognising that hurt does not equal harm is essential.

Take Steps to Better Health

Multiple studies have shown that exercise and general movement has a positive effect on pain. Check with your chiropractor to work out what exercises are likely to best suit you.

One great form of exercise is simple walking. To help incorporate walking into your daily routine download the Just Start Walking app from the App Store.

Being connected to your inner being is a great way to help manage pain and improve life enjoyment. The Smiling Mind app is a great way to help with daily meditations.

Free Spinal Check

For chronic back pain, our chiropractors use a variety of non-surgical treatments, such as manual therapies, spinal adjustments, soft tissue techniques and cold laser therapy. To see if chiropractic care can help you, book in for a free spinal check.

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