Week 1 Lockdown Health Challenge

Stage 4 restrictions

Melbourne is currently in 6 weeks of lockdown to reduce the spread of COVID-19.  While we all understand we must do our part, restrictions like these can certainly have a negative impact on your physical and mental wellbeing.

To keep you engaged with your health we have started a 6 stage health challenge, for each week of Stage 4 restrictions.

To watch the video for our Week  1 Health Challenge, click here.

Week 1 Challenge: Making the most of your 1 hour exercise

Think about how you are going to move your body during this time.  Try and get outdoors if you can, and even better if you do it with a fury friend or another person (socially distant, of course).

Track your performance over the week and see if you can make gentle improvements in how far or fast you walk, run or whatever exercise you choose to do.

You can use apps like Just Start Walking or Strava, if you’re keen to track your performance.

Build up slowly, but make it a challenge

Set yourself a goal to improve over time, but don’t build up too quickly.  Running injuries have become more common these past few months, so listen to your body.  Maybe a fast walk is better for you?

What ever you do make it fun

One of the great benefits of exercise is how it impacts on your mental health, so enjoy the experience.

We’re here if you need us

If you are having significant problems that are likely to deteriorate without care, then don’t hesitate to contact Simply Health for an appointment.  Otherwise, if you’re doing ok, we look forward to seeing you for a check up when Stage 4 is lifted.