Week 6 Simply Health Lockdown Challenge

Welcome to our 6th and final lockdown challenge.  With the Victorian Government extending Stage 4 restrictions for another 2 weeks, no doubt most Melburnians are feeling a touch of ‘cabin fever’ and can’t wait to get back to a semblance of normal life.

To keep you focused on your wellbeing, this weeks challenge is doing the Bird Dog.  Also known as the ‘Quadruped’, the Bird Dog is an excellent exercise to build strength and tone in the extensor muscles of the spine.  These extensors help keep us upright and the deeper layers form part of our core spinal muscles.

Developing strong core muscles can help reduce and prevent low back pain.

Bird Dog

To do this exercise you need to be comfortable on your hands and knees.  If getting into this position is too hard, then this exercise is not for you.  If you find you knees hurt, trying putting a yoga mat or folded towel under your knees.

As with all of our exercises, choose the level that is challenging, but not too hard.  There should be no pain, but obviously you will feel the strain of effort to hold the position.  If you have concerns, please contact us directly and do not perform if you have significant pain or discomfort.

Hold each position for 20sec and repeat 3 times.

To understand the correct technique for Bird Dog, click on the video picture here.

Stage 4 Restrictions

Under stage 4 restrictions we are permitted to see patients who require urgent and essential care.  All routine visits re-commence on the lifting of current Stage 4 lockdown.

We are here for you if you need us and can’t wait to get back to something resembling normal very soon.