Will Medicare pay for my Chiropractic care?

welcome-to-SHCMedicare coverage for Chiropractic?

For sometime now certain eligible patients can claim up to 5 visits every calendar year for chiropractic and other allied health services. This government scheme is known as Chronic Disease Management (formerly Enhanced Primary Care) and requires a GP referral before Medicare benefits can be claimed.

Who is Eligible?

To qualify for Chronic Disease Management (CDM) you must have one or more chronic and complex health condition. By chronic it means the condition has been present for greater than 6mths. By complex it means the management of your health requires assistance from more than one health practitioner, in addition to your GP.

For example, if you are a diabetic with long standing back pain, you may be under the care of both an endocrinologist and also a chiropractor. In this case, you would likely meet the criteria. However, there is no ‘list of conditions’ that qualify you for CDM. It is ultimately the discretion of your GP to decide if you are eligible.

How do you begin CDM?

Once your GP has prepared a Management Plan, this is passed onto your chiropractor and care can begin. We will liaise with your GP so they are aware of your assessment results. We will also continue communication with your GP and report back the outcomes of your chiropractic care.

Making a claim

This is easy, and can be done directly though Hicaps at our practice. All you do is swipe your Medicare card. In most cases a small gap payment of a few dollars will also be required.

Chiropractic more effective than Medical care for spinal, hip and shoulder pain

Here’s another reason to see your chiropractor. A recent Swiss study showed that spinal, hip, and shoulder pain patients had greater satisfaction levels, and lower overall cost if they initiated care with Chiropractors, when compared with those who initiated care with Medical Doctors.